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Business Consulting

Strategic Advice & Planning
While other firms make their primary emphasis direct representation, we at Century Strategies believe that strategy and tactics can be more important than a single contact with a public official. Century Strategies advises its clients on how to position themselves in a crowded and competitive public policy marketplace.

Grassroots & Grasstops Mobilizations
Century Strategies has among its principals some of the nation's most respected grassroots organizers and strategists, including former Christian Coalition executive director Ralph Reed. With a network of operatives and activists throughout the nation, Century Strategies can provide immediate organizational capabilities in virtually every state in the country.

Message Management & Strategic Communications
Public policy figures and companies achieve their objectives by developing a winning message and communicating that message through multiple media with disciplined repetition. Century Strategies specializes in advising its clients on how to develop, manage, and communicate a successful message through a skillful combination of earned and paid media.

Our company can provide corporate CEOs and their management teams with assistance in speech preparation and delivery, development of theme and message, and drafting a speech for a corporate leader and preparing testimony for a public policy body to developing a comprehensive message for long-term projects.

Public Attitudes & Opinion Research
Century Strategies deals with public opinion research data for a wide range of clients, and has an ongoing familiarity with attitudes on a wide range of subjects, including trade, taxes, the budget, moral and cultural attitudes, the environment and industry-specific issues such as telecommunications and electric utility deregulation.

Century, in partnership with leading research firms, will assist in the drafting of surveys and interpreting data for its clients. Knowing the public opinion marketplace is the most important prerequisite in achieving public policy objectives.


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